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The Same But Different

Sean Taylor

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I've had a gag in my show for many years. "The audience thinks all of my cards are the same and you know what? They are. They're all the same ...... but only on the back. The faces are different and that's how we tell them apart." I wondered what would happen if this gag became a trick in its own right and so I went about creating this one. I got some terrific feedback from Gary Jones and Chris Congreave so I've gone into print and you'll love it.

You place a black envelope in full view. The spectator chooses 2 cards, one face up and one face down. You open the prediction and show 2 cars which clearly don't match.... but wait. There's more. You flip the cards to prove that they are indeed the same on the back and different on the front. This is a completely unexpected finale. 
What you receive is a unique, specially printed pack, a black envelope for your prediction, and full video instructions. The effect is completely self working and you'll be doing it in no time.