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About Us

Sean Taylor is a British Magician and an Australian Magician and that’s quite a feat. He was born in Cambridge in the UK and built a successful magic career before emigrating to Sydney, Australia almost 30 years ago.

Sean is a GP of magic, having performed close-up, stand-up, restaurant magic, family magic and later forging a career as Australia’s premier corporate mentalist. In a career spanning 40 years he’s also found time to write 6 books, organise more than 20 international conventions, lecture in 7 countries and release more than 25 tricks and DVDs. Sean has consulted on TV shows, movies, stage musicals, music videos and even taught ice skaters to do magic with Torvill and Dean.

Sean and Diana Taylor also owned the biggest magic shop in the Southern Hemisphere for almost 20 years. Sean is an MIMC with Gold Star and is the only Australian performer to hold this prestigious honour.