Selling The Show

Sean Taylor

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Selling the Show is a unique book. It tackles an area of business each and every magician will be faced with frequently during their careers, maybe every day, yet an area which has gone virtually without any kind of formal coverage in published works.

Sean Taylor has been fortunate to have had parallel careers. He was trained in selling and went on to consult to all manner of companies on the recruitment, development and training of sales forces large and small. He has trained sales people, consultants and entertainers in both face to face selling and phone selling.

Sean has often lectured on the magician/client relationship, covering all manner of techniques and practices to improve business. These lectures are hard hitting, controvsersial and direct. He does not hold back and the success he had enjoyed in these sessions, combined with the feedback from professionals in all magic fields, has encouraged him to finally release the material in this book.

This is a very personal book, an aggressive book and book of truths and dispelled myths. The techniques though are not aggressive, rather they require precision, thought, planning and a change of attitude. If you are open to a change in mindset, following the steps in this book will allow you to understand what clients really want. This will ensure your business improves.

There is no filler here, just solid business techniques honed over more than 30 years. 


  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Three Key Marketing Tasks
  • Fundamentals of Selling
  • The Sales Show
  • The Face to Face Meeting
  • Failure and how to deal with it
  • The Hierarchy of Likely Success
  • Say No and Save the Show
  • The Specialists
  • Dealing with Agents
  • Charity Show
  • Summary
  • Sean’s Top Ten Tips